What You Need to Know about Instagram Hashtags

This article is about hashtags, why you should use them and how Instagram hashtags can get you more followers, increase your engagement and grow your business.

How do Instagram hashtags work?

Think of hashtags as a folder on your desktop. You want to put all of the files that you have on certain topics into that folder. The same goes for hashtags.

You can create hashtags using letters or emojis. On Twitter, you are able to use hashtags with letters and numbers and not emojis. While on Instagram you use emojis and you can’t do hashtags with numbers.

There are four rules for using Instagram hashtags.

1) Number of hashtags

There’s a limit on how many hashtags you can post in your caption or comment. You can only put 30 hashtags there. Make sure you won’t put more, otherwise it will make your post failed.

2)  Character count

You don’t want to put a very long hashtag because it’s going to be irrelevant and such a waste. While you can use a more relevant hashtag.

3) Types of characters

Hashtags don’t support spaces. If you’re writing two words, don’t put a space between your hashtags. Also, you can’t use special characters such as exclamation points (!), periods (.), pound sign (£), asterisk (*) and a plus sign (+). However, you can use emojis and letters.

4) Banned hashtags

Instagram terms state that the users can’t post a hashtag which has anything to do with violence, nudity, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, and pornographic photos.

This is just to make sure when you’re putting up a hashtag with your post, it’s relevant. Also, you don’t put up a hashtag which might have an innuendo meaning. Always check your hashtag to make sure it’s not a banned hashtag on Instagram. Moreover, the content through the hashtag is relevant to what you post.

It’s very simple to add hashtags to your Instagram post. When you’re going to post your photo, in the caption you can simply put a hashtag or a pound sign and write the word after. You’ll notice that when you’re typing your hashtag out it will bring up relevant ones to the same topic.

If you don’t like to see 30 hashtags in your main caption and you just want to keep your caption clean you are able to put all of your hashtags in the first comment under your photo and it still works just as well.

How to pick the right Instagram hashtags?

·    Find out what hashtags your audience is using

·    Find out what hashtags your competitors are using.

·    Find out what hashtags influential people in your industry are using.

·    Find related hashtags.

·    Use the Instagram search function.

·    Don’t forget about popular hashtags.

If you have opened the Instagram app, go to the search function on the explore page. You can switch to hashtags tab and see any hashtag out there which is relevant to the topic you’re posting in the search bar. For instance, if you post real estate as a hashtag, it would show all of the top trending hashtags which are relevant to real estate So, you could take all those hashtags in the search bar and use them in your post.

The point is when you post a photo and click on the hashtags you’ll see all of the other users using that hashtag. You’ll find people on that page with the most followers and likes and engagement, then copy all of the hashtags they use in their posts.

Another Strategy

Another thing you should do which is a great way to increase your engagement and get a lot of followers if you go through hashtags that you’re using on a daily basis and like everyone’s posts and leave impressive comments. They are going to like your posts and follow you back. Also, anyone who goes to their page will automatically see your comments. They’re going to think you’re a good follower to have since everyone wants followers to comment back and like their posts.

The last thing is Instagram’s hashtags in the stories which are totally awesome. You can create an Instagram story, and add a hashtag resulting the same exact thing as regular hashtags except for instead of clicking through the hashtag on your Instagram page to go to the whole grid of Instagram posts, you’re now clicking on an Instagram story and it will bring up all of the other public stories with the same hashtag and also will bring you to the hashtag page that you can see all of the photos with that hashtag and every other Instagram story being posted with it.

This is all you need to know about hashtags and how you can engage with other people, but the thing is it would take a lot of time. So how can you manage to do all the steps as fast as possible?

It can be easily taken care of with AiGrow.

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