Instagram for Business Tips 2019

Why Instagram?

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media on the internet nowadays. It’s a great place for people to interact with not only their friends but their favorite brands. Many Instagram users follow businesses through this channel. Instagram has become a great social media platform for building a business.
The question is how you can grow your social status and get REAL followers on Instagram quickly. There are some tips that you need to consider to help grow your Instagram business account.

1) Username

You should try to get an Instagram username which directly matches your business or your brand. In this way when people see the Instagram username, they will immediately know that it is associated with the actual business or brand.

2) Logo

It is very important to have a nice-looking logo that matches your business and describes it perfect. It should be something that people find out your brand immediately. The logos should not be very big. You really have to make good use of the space you have.

Instagram for Business Tips 2019

3) Description

Present yourself through bio. You need to have a summary of your account that explains your work and what you represent as a company. Make sure that your description matches what your business is all about.

4) Engage with other users

If you are using an Instagram business account, you should definitely engage with other users. Find people that would be interested in your brand or your business. Then you should follow them, like their pictures and comment on their pictures. Make sure not to be spammy.

Instagram for Business Tips 2019

5) Show up consistently

You should post between 1 and 3 pictures per day and make sure that you are using good captions and appropriate hashtags with your pictures. This will make people engage with your posts better. You will get lots of likes and comments, and your posts go viral by Instagram.

Make sure your posts be valuable. Choose proper pictures that are appropriate for your brand or your Instagram business.

Instagram for Business Tips 2019

6) Call to action

It’s very important to include a call to action in the caption. Figure out what you can ask your followers to do. This will make them be more engaged with your posts will ultimately cause your brand or Instagram business to get more exposure through its Instagram account.

Instagram for Business Tips 2019

7) Link to your website in the bio

I would highly recommend you do that if you have an associated website with your Instagram business or brand. That’s because when people come and see your Instagram bio they will see the website and there’s a decent chance they will go ahead and visit the website.

Instagram for Business Tips 2019

Those are some important tips on how to grow your Instagram business. Also, there is one easy way to make that happen quicker.


AIGrow is of the perfect social growth tools to grow your Instagram in terms of followers and generating clients for your business. It helps you set plans on your Instagram activities automatically. You are able to attract plenty of interested Instagrammers to your Instagram business by using hashtags. Even you can target your competitors’ followers and guide them to your own Instagram business.

AIGrow gives you the chance to send direct messages any time of the day instead of doing by yourself. Also, It allows you auto-like, follow, and comment organically to make more engagement. You can start extending your business right now.

AIGrow has also come up with a tool which can be profitable for working with your pc which is offered as a Google Chrome Extension.

The important thing about this extension which makes it the safest Instagram tool if you log into your account with the extension, you connect to Instagram directly which keeps your information confidential.

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