How to Use Instagram to Drive Sale for Fashion Brands

There is an important question of how you can grow your Instagram platform and convert that into Instagram sale?

First, you need to take a look at your competitors’ profiles. This is really important to find out what their images and engagements look like, and also what the best photographs are showing out to get the most likes and traction right.

How to Use Instagram to Drive Sale for Fashion Brands

Do not underestimate the hashtags for Instagram sale

Then, you should be looking for key hashtags. What are the key hashtags which drive a lot of traffic?

This is extremely important for you because you’re going to start replicating, taking a look at your own Instagram profile and also making sure you’re actually optimized at this point to get more people to follow you and then, of course, trying to convert that into sales.

Once you’ve redone your Instagram platform, the images are crucial and need to be brand relevant. Then you should start looking at your competitors. How exactly do you need to that well?

When it comes to poaching, you should see who the people are and whom they are engaging in those Instagram pictures. Take a look at their profiles.

We suggest you do a combination of three things for 15 minutes three times a day:  Like photos, leave comments, and follow other Instagram users. This means you’re going to do a lot of liking, commenting and following. Stay focused when you’re taking a look at the competitors for the first 10 minutes, and then start researching hashtags for the last five minutes.

How to Use Instagram to Drive Sale for Fashion Brands

Take a look at your audience

This would be looking things up like fashion or women’s ready-to-wear or outfit of the day. Take a look and see who is posting under these platforms and start to engage with them. You’d be surprised by the results you get.

Now, with these newly formed converts who are coming over to your platform you need to keep them engaged which means you need to start direct messaging to their platforms. This is a fantastic way of letting them know what new brand offers you have, what new products you’re launching and any new marketing events that you have going on.

How to Use Instagram to Drive Sale for Fashion Brands

Start to engage aggressively. Once they start to engage with you and you know they’re on your platform being up-to-date, get them back to your website. Use a combination of custom URLs which are pretty easy to do on Google or any other platform. Just do a little search and use that in the bio link of your Instagram profile. This will allow you to actually track and see who’s coming to your platform from Instagram. Because it’s pretty hard to track that using your regular URL.

Track your followers for Instagram sale

When you track them and get them back to your website, put them on a landing page called shop social, a shop Instagram or social. This page is going to be dedicated to all of your Instagram pictures and the corresponding products you have there, which you’re about to sell.  You want this to be a 360-degree shopping experience for that Instagram follower.

Now, you have them on your page. Impress them with your amazing images, push them through that funnel and close the sale. But the thing is it would take much time to do this all by yourself. So how can you do it as fast as possible?

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