How to Use Hashtag on Instagram in 2019

When you think Instagram you might think that it’s just an app that you can use to share pictures and videos with your friends. But it’s a powerful platform based on a complex algorithm that offers a huge opportunity such as Instagram hashtag to help you grow your business. If your business already has an Instagram account but it’s not driving sales it’s time to revisit that strategy.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to utilize a secret weapon carefully created Instagram hashtags.

What is an Instagram hashtag?

How to Use Hashtag on Instagram in 2019

An Instagram hashtag is a singular word or phrase with a pound sign in front of it. If you’re a frequent social media user you’ve likely already seen them in action. However, if you aren’t, they usually look something like this #.

What’s the point in using an Instagram hashtag?

If you post a picture or video on Instagram without a hashtag, you’re only talking to your existing audience. You probably want your posts to reach the largest audience possible. That’s why you need to add relevant Instagram hashtags to every single Instagram post.

Hashtags will open up your content and your brand to tons of new engaged users. They might like your content, follow your account and potentially even purchase something from your store.

If you don’t add any Instagram hashtags to your content, you’ll be relying on your existing following to engage with your new post. This isn’t as much of an issue if you already have a huge pack of followers. But if you’re just getting started on Instagram, it’s likely that your content won’t have a large reach and you might struggle to achieve any decent results.

How to Use Hashtag on Instagram in 2019

How do you find the best Instagram hashtags?

Now that I’ve explained how Instagram hashtags can help you generate more likes, more followers and ultimately more sales I’ll tell you how you can find the best hashtags for your brand.

It’s important to understand that the hashtags you use, have to be relevant. If you sell backpacks, hashtags about unicorns and candy canes aren’t going to bring you the right kind of attention.

There are a couple of online tools which you can use to curate a list of hashtags that are perfect for your business, some of them are tag blender Instagram tags and seek metrics. Each of these tools is free, easy to use, and they’re great for finding lists of hashtags.

How to Use Hashtag on Instagram in 2019

The Instagram hashtag limit

Now that you’re convinced that hashtags are important and you’ve even found a few to test out there’s one thing to keep in mind. DO NOT  OVERDO!

A lot of people get carried away with hashtags. They want to put hundreds or even thousands of hashtags on each Instagram post. Sorry guys, there’s a limit of 30 hashtags per post. Instagram doesn’t just put this rule in place to be jerks. They want to ensure that hashtags aren’t taken advantage of and the content on Instagram is relevant to its users.

Now when it comes to the use of hashtags you should use between 25 to 27 hashtags on your posts. 30 is the max and Instagram will count you as a spammer if you use all 30 so stick to 25 to 27.

Put hashtags in comments or description

Ideally, Instagram wants you to put the hashtags in the description of the image but that looks ugly and people will just get turned off by it, so my recommendation and what I found the most success with is putting 3 hashtags in the caption and the rest in the comments.

How big should hashtags be?

This depends on how many likes you get on your pictures. If you have around 100 likes per picture you should use hashtags with 100k to a 200k max in competition. Competition is the number of uses of each and every hashtag. Now if you get around 300 to 600 likes per post, you can use hashtags from 100K to 1 million in competition. So first you will rank on the smaller ones. They will push you off to the medium ones and the medium ones will push you up to the high competition.

Let’s summarize this part, use 25 to 27 hashtags put three in the caption rest in the comments, and use a variety of hashtags with different competition depending on the likes you get per post. Remember every hashtag that you add gives you the opportunity to draw more engaged users into your content.

Be different and creative

Sometimes you need to be creative to get more likes and follows and hashtags can make the differences. For example, If you are making an Instagram post that is about love, you might include #love as one of your 30 permitted hashtags. You should presumably use smaller relevant hashtags, yet still sizeable followings, such as #wonderful, #adorable, #hug, #lover, or even #loveisintheair.

You should reserve the hashtag #instagood for your very best photos.

How to Use Hashtag on Instagram in 2019

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